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Capricorn is symbolized by the Goat. You're motivated, determined and practical.

Leo Man In Love Signs

You see no need to take unnecessary risks. Career is a major concern for you; advancement and recognition are alluring concepts. You are ambitious and strong, but also somewhat conservative. It's an amazing coincidence that this could easily describe me. I have read up on my astrological sign mainly for fun, though.

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Most of what I read ends up applying very well to me, but some of the things I read are so laughably wrong I have to shake my head. It's all fun, though.

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  • What are my so-called "compatible signs"? I'd like to know just because I'm curious. No it's not all "fun," not really "fun" at all. I'm sorry, but one is never going to learn anything about synastry from Cosmo, despite what the "astrologer" scribbles in there. The law of gravitation worked as efficiently before Newton as after him. The cosmos would be fairly chaotic if its laws couldn't operate without the sanction of human belief. Astrology is too vast, both mathematically [1] and philosophically, to be rightly grasped except by men of profound understanding. If ignoramuses misread the heavens, and see there a scrawl instead of a script, that's to be expected in this imperfect world.

    Linda Goodman's Love Signs Review

    One shouldn't dismiss the wisdom with the 'wise. What did you expect, with that big zit on your face. Astrology is ridiculous. I mean, shit yeah, Scorpios are supercool - just look at me - but apart from that WTFwhatevah. My grandfather was actually an astrologer in the sense that he could do a full chart and explain it the novelty of having a grandfather that would dimiss my idiosyncracies with 'yeah whatever, she's an Aquarius and you thought it would be easy?

    He thought it was useful in a glancing kind of way. Most babies stay inside the first couple of months. And do you think it has a huge impact on their personality? I doubt it. It's still too passive. Libra female, Scorpio male: Does anyone have anything good to say about this combination? Most of what I read isn't very encouraging, though I have a history of crushes on Libras.

    Anyone who possibly cares about such garbage should be ignored which will leave you free to have crushes on whomever you like. Ron, I'm a taurus also. The lazy bit sounds about right for me Does anyone have anything good to say about this combination? I am a gemini, and I therefore think all astrology is bollocks. I can't help it, I was fated to not believe in it. My grandfather was an astrologer, I'm Aquarius. I think the characteristics stuff makes sense but the predictive stuff isn't worth remembering. Suzy, would you include "compatibility" under the predictive side of astrology, or are you thinking of something more specific for the predictive side e.

    Jayne, you are transgressing the boundaries of my question. I'm a scorpio who is quite contentedly married to another scorpio.

    I also tend to have very rewarding and deep friendships with capricorns. According to astrology, we scorpios pair well with other water signs Cancer and Pisces but I've never dated someone of either astrological persuasion. I once fell in love with a gemini but that didn't work out. Libra meanwhile, is an air sign like gemini and we're not supposed to get along well with them but apparently you've already proven that idea wrong.

    Harsh combination in the long run.

    Love Signs by Linda Goodman

    And Hey! That can be O.

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    • So now we all know what happens when the lights are dimmed low in SF? Ned, there's nothing I could possibly add to that. It is self-contained in its beautiful symmetry, isn't it. Please reserve Libras for us Aquarii. Thank you. I'm a libra female No idea why this is. Scorpios are the sex demons of the zodiac, aren't they? As am I, the gf's a scorpio, this means that in our relationship her birthday is always after mine.

      Incidentally, as an update: I am still seeing a Libra I started dating back at the end of the summer.

      Linda Goodman Astrology

      Things are going okay. I'm not in love, and I don't think she is either.

      I put up less protest about some things than I would if I felt more strongly about her i. I am possessive, and I don't even understand what's wrong with that; but given the overall tentative feeling of the relationship, I feel there's a limit to what I can demand. She's witty as well as wise, and she brings each pairing to life. As with her book Sun Signs , Linda mainly concentrates on the basic characteristics of each sign, but cautions to bear in mind that everyone has layers that determine individual personalities.

      Scorpio And Scorpio Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

      The placement of the moon in your astrological chart, as well as where the planets fall in other signs and houses also contributes an influence on your ultimate personality. For example, you might technically be a Sagittarian, but if your moon lies in Capricorn, you might actually be more grounded and organized than the classic Sag. To sum it up, Goodman may have spoken in generalities, but she wanted people to leave room for personal interpretation in her horoscopes. In her book, Goodman expands on her belief that all souls are on a journey of enlightenment and that they have lessons to learn about love as they pass through each of twelve zodiac signs.

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      She referred to these as initiations. This is a very important component of the book, but it's far too detailed to fully explore in the confines of this article. When combined, the twelve mysteries lead to the greater understanding that love has an eternal nature. It seems the one message Goodman wanted people to take with them from her book was to realize the enormous human potential for love.